April 8, 2021

7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.   //  Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh Southpointe


Why H2 & Carbon Capture

The continuing pressure on pipelines, climate change, and the recent elections reinforces that change is a constant in our industry.

The DOE continues work on their $1 billion + carbon capture sequestration program. South Korea is well on their way to have 6.2 million hydrogen vehicles on the road by 2040. Here in the US extensive use of hydrogen public transit vehicles is becoming the norm.

Why hydrogen? It's an energy-dense fuel that when burned produces only water and can be transported in existing natural gas channels.

Why carbon capture and storage? Instead of atmospheric emissions of burning hydrocarbons, capturing carbon dioxide and sequestering in underground formations eliminates climate change concerns.

The industry has all the core competencies to take advantage of these processes but there are many challenges as well as lessons learned from others around the world.

This conference explores these issues in the unique context of the Appalachian region and your opportunity be a part of the next big thing.

Our Speakers

Meet the speakers for the Appalachian Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference. These professionals represent the best of the best when it comes to this exciting opportunity for the Appalachian Basin.

Our Location

Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/Southpointe
1000 Corporate Dr, Canonsburg, PA 15317
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  • Archaea Energy, LLC Presentation

    Nicholas Stork, CEO, Archaea Energy

  • Hydrogen Projects Underway and Completed in the US Panel

    Panel Leader: Michael Tritt, President Lane Power
    Micheal Ducker, Vice President, Mitsubishi Power Americas
    Robert "Bo" Wholey, President, Long Ridge Energy Terminal
    M.C. "Tim" Reichwein Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Lane Power

  • Canton SARTA Experience with Hydrogen Buses

    Kirk Conrad, Executive Director/CEO Stark Area Regional Transit Authority

  • Video of Shell Hydrogen Vehicle Refueling Station
  • Steam Methane Reformer Converting Water and Methane to Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide

    Sam French, Senior Business Development Manager, Johnson Matthey

  • A Low-Carbon Future for Natural Gas Production in the Appalachian Basin

    Perry Babb, CEO, KeyState Natural Gas Synthesis & ESG Funding

  • Video of Acorn Scotland Project: A Model for Appalachia?
  • DOE Panel - US Hydrogen Roadmap and Carbon Sequestration

    Panel leader: Chuck Zelek, Chief Market Development Officer, Mineral ORE Omnis Energy Refineries, LLC

    Lynn Brickett, Carbon Capture Program Manager, Dept of Energy

    Robert Schrecengost, P.E., Senior Program Manager, GE Power

  • Hydrogen Pipeline Transport Panel

    Panel Leader: Ken Thompson, Founder and President of Mustang Sampling
    Dr. Kevin Warner, CTO, Senior Vice President, Mustang Sampling
    Jamie Marsden, Business Development Manager for Gas Chromographs, Emerson Automation